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I don't like to post current news stories; however, if true, this is good news. Epstein arrested in NY after arriving from Paris. Federal arraignment scheduled for Monday for molesting dozens of underage girls. Some estimates up to 80 girls have been identified.  According to Trump's executive order, if Epstein is found guilty, all his fortunes could be seized from him.

However, don't forget Epstein and his female Jewish confidant recruited girls from Mar Largo and all over the planet. Trump has visited Epstein's Lil' St. James Island in the past. Was he just having martinis and catching a suntan? I suspect many of high-profile visitors have been videotaped.  This is called “brown stoning” and used to build a “control file” manipulate and blackmail them. And people wonder why Congress doesn't listen to the will of the people?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of much bigger issue. Some may remember "Project Flicker", a huge child porn investigation of 5400 people and turned out that 1700 were Federal employees or contractors using Pentagon computers for viewing and subscribing to child porn.  There were some 200 suspected pedophiles in the Department of Defense (Offence). Almost no one was prosecuted, and it was swept under the rug. Also, Ex-House Speaker, 'serial child molester' Dennis Hastert went to prison for sexually abusing young boys. He was the 3rd inline to the President!!!  

How many people have been corrupted, controlled with this evil cancer? God only knows.

Next stop: The Podesta brothers. Then the Clintons? We can only hope….




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