Federal Agents come open the gate to Private funded wall, and padlock it, Open!

Freedom Express Thu, 06/13/2019 - 11:45

They say these Feds are BO holdovers, but DJT is their boss, and if he doesn't fire them immediately, he, as already been questioned by many, a complete fraud!

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I hate to say it, but you're right. President Trump certainly seems to be looking the other way on such treasonous acts regarding this illegal invasion. President Trump talks alot on illegal immigration, but doesn't do much to stop it, e.g. making verbal agreements with Mexico which are easily broken while ignoring the physical construction of a wall. It's simple. We're clearly being invaded and states have the authority to defend themselves which they need to do IMMEDIATELY including the use of deadly force. After a few hundred unfortunately die, then maybe the illegal invaders will finally get the message.


One good aspect of this particular incident is the building of character on Kolfage's team by addressing these difficulties. With each problem, they grow wiser and more powerful. Kolfage has clearly demonstrated to me at least that he has the character to oversee this project. Kudos, Brian. Keep at it. With each problem, your loyal base grows and grows and grows.


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on Wednesday Kolfage posted an update indicating the standoff with the IBWC had been resolved and the wall and gate were back in place again.

Our border wall & gate are secure again and we still have not had a single breach. I want to thank the IBWC for acting swiftly and we look forward to working with you on our future projects! @RyanAFournier @Rambobiggs @sethweathers @gehrig38 @SaraCarterDC @StumpforTrump pic.twitter.com/uD8rhB4P7L

— Brian Kolfage (@BrianKolfage) June 12, 2019

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