MSNBC Venezuela Coverage Shows Why U.S. Founders Wanted Armed Citizenry

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“the advantage of being armed" as we did 200 years ago. The powers-that-be and the likes of DARPA and DOD have had 200 years to develop advanced lethal and nonlethal weapons. Killer mini-drone swarms, LRAD, DEW lasers and microwave, ADL Active Denial System that cause pain by heating the skin. Don't kill my phone bro, EMP drones that can kill all electronics in a small targeted area with a beam, microwave mind manipulation, space-based weapons. Robots like the "Atlas" platform have advanced beyond human capabilities. Also consider economic control with electronic payments, digital currency and SWIFT exchanges. If your foolish enough to take "the mark" then they will just turn your chip off. Good luck buying food. Not to mention all the surveillance and tracking capabilities they have now. For example, the 1.8 gigapixel ARGUS-IS drone, the world's highest resolution video surveillance platform by DARPA. This is probably obsolete by now have much more advanced platforms.  There is no privacy or anonymity, zero. Have vaccines been weaponized? Don't forget about good old sanctions and MSM propaganda.  These are all weapons the Founding Fathers didn't anticipate. While trillions have been stolen and spent on advance technology, we still must fight over ammo at Walmart. The powers-that-be have been perfecting their "craft" in the middle east and planning for a possible mass domestic revolt for decades. They have weapons we don't even know about.  If these technologies are used domestically on Americans we will have a difficult time.

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Our Founding Fathers had the good sense and forsight to include Arming Americans..I would NEVER give up my Guns..Even though we have Tyranical Leaders they know not to rock the boat to much and are experts at damage control (thru MSM) but they do seem to push it furthur every year...Better hope nothing like whats going on in Venezuela ever happens here ..It would get ugly fast.