Trump to give more money to IRS for federal income tax enforcement...LOL!!!

pawnstorm12 Sun, 04/21/2019 - 02:27
Trump has suggested spending an extra $362 million on enhanced tax enforcement next year.
And this from a guy who won't release his own taxes?
Don't get me wrong - Until now I always supported Trump in NOT showing his taxes and I also said I hoped he didn't pay ANY income taxes (which are Un-Constitutional, Un-American and Immoral).
First of all his "tax cuts" were a lie - I paid more last year than ever and nothing changed for me.
Secondly - as noted in the story below - Trump is giving the IRS MILLIONS of dollars to more efficiently go after AMERICANS to steal MORE of our money.
The utter height of hypocrisy - So NOW I say...
SADLY, I now have stand with the democrats who are trying to force him to show and tell. 
Can't have it both ways Mr. President.
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"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed and over-regulated and overrun by bureaucrats - the founders would be ashamed." -Ron Paul
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Federal Income Tax is completely out of control..The amount of money they take in annually  is staggering  and its never enough.  Its never enough because they spend it on endless, illegal, unconstitutional wars. Its absolutely crazy.. In the old days  pre 1913  an Income Tax was breif and for a needed reason, never demanded endlessly. never set in concrete, they would Tax for a short term and then it went away. After 1913 Income Taxes became endless and spending became reckless...Endless Taxes = Endless Wars.  Im not completely Anti Tax  some Taxation is necessary for certain things  like infrastructure, municipalities, needed services and yes even our Military, but the way it is now is just rediculous. The level  is thru the roof and the money is not going where  it should our bridges and roads are failing, supporting illegal immagration, handing out money and aid to the tune of billions of dollars  (Isreal alone gets 10 million a day).. giving money to who ever is on board with us and  bombing who ever is not..The Founding Fathers would definetly hang their heads in disgust.  Something needs to change..Maybe a flat tax at a fraction of what it is now.  that should do it and keep us out of trouble around the world. mind our own business and take care of our own problems here at home...

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...but never a personal income tax for a lot of reasons.

1. In 1982 Reagan formed the Grace Commission to study where our income tax money goes and most of it went to PAY THE INTEREST ON THE NATIONAL DEBT which means the Federal Reserve gets our tax money.  This makes sense since the Federal Income Tax was intsituted the SAME YEAR  the Fed was created - 1913.

2. Prior to 1913, the government got the money it needed to function from many other sources like excise taxes, duties and other revenue sources which were deemed constitutional and were in place since out founding.

3. Only law abiding citizens pay their income taxes - criminals who get their income illegally do not.

4. Nearly 50% of Americans pay no income taxes because of a tax code designed to INFLUENCE BEHAVIOR.  It is not the government's role to tell people how to live such as to get married, have kids etc. all of which affect the taxes you pay - or don't pay.

5. It's Un-Constitutional otherwise it would not have taken an AMENDMENT to the Constitution to allow for it (16th Amendment)

6. It's IMMORAL (especially the progressive nature of it) since the more you make, the more they take which punishes success and rewards failure.

7. Without the income tax the government would be forced to be limited to its Constitutional size and to follow its proper role - Not funding endless wars, policing the world, giving welfare to foreign nations of about 50 BILLION dollars a year, corporate bailouts and endless agencies, programs, departments, offices, boards etc 

And most importantly...

An INCOME TAX IS IMMOPRAL because (as Ron Paul said), once you allow for the government to have a claim on ANY of the fruits of your labors (even just 1%) - then it presumes that ALL of what you earn belongs to the GOVERNMENT, and it is THEY who decide how much you get to keep.

All of which is utterly against the principles of ownership guaranteed by our founding documents incluyding the right to PROPERTY.

For some reason, American citizens don't see their INCOMES as their PROPERTY and thus willingly agree that it ALL actually first belongs to the Federal Government and WE get to keep the remaining morsels.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed and over-regulated and overrun by bureaucrats - the founders would be ashamed." -Ron Paul