Congress Needs To Recognize $22 Trillion In Debt — $68,000 Per Person — Is A National Security Issue

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Yes, it's a national security issue like the TENS of MILLIONS of ILLEGALS and their offspring. Each ILLEGAL needs to be fined $2500 per year for every year of ILLEGAL occupancy of the USA. If an ILLEGAL can not prove the duration of his occupancy, that ILLEGAL should be fined a maximum of $100,000 if that ILLEGAL is at least 40 years old. If an ILLEGAL can't prove his actual age, then that ILLEGAL should be required to prove age biochemically as close as possible and fined $2500 per year for every year of age until the maximum fine of $100,000 is accessed. It's fair and just common sense to place the burden of our national debt on the ILLEGAL population occupying the USA. Watch the national debt shrink FAST along with the ILLEGAL population trying to evade financial justice by fleeing! We need the walls built so we LEGAL residents can bring these ILLEGAL invaders to justice by preventing their avoidance of  rational fines.