GOP/Dem Border Deal: $1.3B for Wall, No Increase in Detention Space

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"The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington"– Ron Paul


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LoL ... The only way President Trump should sign this alleged "compromise" is by simultaneously declaring a state of national emergency to adequately CONTINUE construction of the FORMDIABLE wall. The mere $6B requested by the President will only fund ~ 200+ miles. I'd estimate at LEAST 1500 miles needs to be funded to properly secure the southern border or ~$40 BILLION MORE.  This "deal" is a sell-out by the weasely RINOs in the Republican party with their treasonous Democrats compatriots. If President Trump decides to sign this "compromise" to avert a federal shutdown, then he MUST declare a state of national emergency as well in order to properly secure the southern border. Left alone, this political compromise is a joke which places this country at great risk.