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As a new service (to the 5 people left on this site) I am offering occasional price information on key commodities and other financial instruments which may be of interest to liberty-thinkers.

~~~Precious metals, Oil, Bitcoin and Equity Index prices are included here~~~ 

GOLD (ASK): 1242.00 / Ounce (-5.90) -0.47% (All-time high: $1917.90 / Oz. on 8-7-2011)

SILVER (ASK): $15.89 / Ounce (-0.14) -0.88% (All-time high: $49.45 / Oz. on 1-18-1980)

PLATINUM (ASK): $831.00 / Ounce (-13.00) -1.55% (All-time high: $2273.00 /Oz. om 3-4-2008)

CRUDE OIL (WTI): $71.01 / Barrel (+.0.68) +0.97%

BITCOIN: $6235.34 / Bitcoin (All-time high: $19,783.06 on 12-17-17)

COPPER: $2.8235 / Pound  (+0.0037) +13%

DOW INDUSTRIAL INDEX (30 Stocks): $25,019.41 (+94.52) +0.38% 

S&P 500 INDEX: $2,801.31 (+3.02) +0.11%


Remember, the U.S. Government mints gold, silver and platinum coins as LEGAL TENDER with a fixed price on each coin.  Of course this is BOGUS since the underlying metal content of each coin (be it 1 ounce or fractions of an ounce) is worth MUCH MORE than the price stamped on the coin.

Regardless, this harkens back to bygone days of liberty when our money was backed by precious metals and actually meant something of value.

It's important for everyone to own some precious metals.  But mostly I find that only people who are aware and educated tend buy metals. 

This is a small fraction of the American populace - most of who are ignorant.  The majority are armed only with their public-school, Department of Education-controlled curriculum, designed to keep us dumbed-down and controllable by the government. 

If you want to own some metals but don't have a lot of money to spare, you can start small with fractional gold, sliver or platinum coins or bars. 

Copper is also minted but you will get ripped off buying copper coins.  Still, it's very cheap so in the event of a total economic falure or war, copper could potentially be used as currency as well.


To follow Precious Metal World Spot Prices (which change constantly) go to:

Here is a good site dealing in precious metals which I've found to be very reputable and informative.  I have no affiliation with them:


GOLD is the currency of KINGS,

SILVER is the currency of GENTLEMEN,

BARTER is the currency of the COMMON MAN,

And DEBT is the currency of SLAVES!

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